loom knitting


I am trying something new!

Confession- I can NOT knit.

I have tried, really.  The needles and I do not share the same love-affair that the crochet hooks and I do. Actually…we really don’t get along.

I was browsing around Daiso a while back and saw these on a stand in the yarn isle and of course out of curiosity I took a closer look. While I couldn’t read the package, I did make out by the illustration that you could produce a piece of knitting on this so…I bought them.


I looked around on YouTube and found tutorials on loom knitting. I had no idea that these could only produce very small items. But I did manage to make a sample item namely this-except I didn’t do a good job with the thumb-hole.

It was just a quick “I wonder how this will turn out” project. I didn’t even make the other pair.


But, it did get me interested in loom knitting and after some looking around I managed to order a set of looms.

I had a loom knitting party with two other ladies who were interested in learning about using looms.

A photo of the chaos we created….


It was fun, the tea and cookies were yummy and the ladies had a great time.

I found a fairly good YouTuber “Loomahat” and started to create a couple of hats for our niece’s children.



Her daughter wanted blue and her son wanted black and green.



I like the black and green one better. I added a few rows to it. With the blue one I followed the pattern.

They are fairly easy to make but I had to look around at various tutorials because there were different ways of casting off and some were just confusing.

In a way I feel like this is “cheater knitting”. I have a really hard time crocheting in the round. My hats always have a weird seam running up them that I hate. The loom totally eliminated that issue for me. These are actually the first nice hats I have made!

There are actually a variety of items that you can make on these looms. I was happy to learn that because really-how many hats can you make for people?

There are various patterns you can follow. I saw a tutorial for a basket-weave that I want to try. It is actually super easy to use these-and fast! I made the black hat in a few hours.

Have you ever tried loom knitting?



5 thoughts on “Loomyness

  1. I thought that I was the only one who felt like knitting needles don’t like me as much as crochet hooks. ☺ So far, I’ve only completed 2 hats and currently working on a scarf. I am looking forward to learning more.


    1. I did give knitting a few tries but…..I guess I’m better off with crochet. I love the knit look through. So far I’m enjoying look knitting but there is definitely a learning curve if you want to make nice products that are gift worthy. I’ll admit it’s not as easy as it looks. I do enjoy it mostly because I’m not very good at crochet in the round. Hats were an issue. Now…hats are a snap and they turn out really nice. I’m liking some of the interesting stitches that I can make on the looms.

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